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When our members have needs beyond their benefits programs, our heart of advocacy extends to prayer. If you or your family are in need of prayer or want to share praise, please submit a Purple Prayer Request. Purple Prayer Requests are anonymous and will appear here once they are submitted and approved.

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What a surprising shock to get to your website and see Purple Prayer Request!!!!! I have a couple of urgent requests’ for my son, Jake. I”ll try to keep it as short as possible. Jake just turned 32 and is currently separated from his wife. 2 years ago he found out she was having an affair but he chose to stay with her and work on their marriage. Problem is, her and the guy (i’ll call them B and C) kept getting caught and last september, they both separated from their spouses to begin the process of divorcing and getting together. For whatever reason they didn’t and my son has wanted to try to make it work. Even now she is STILL meeting up with this guy when she can. Please pray for that. And they have two kids. My son is also drinking a lot. He drinks more than he did before his separation and now it’s bad. He drinks until he’s so drunk that he can’t even get out of the Uber car that he’s been in. He was raised in church but hasn’t had ever told me he has a relationship with God. EVER. Please, please pray for him like it’s YOUR SON I’m talking about. I’m a brokenhearted mother and I’ve been praying for his salvation for years. Thank you


Our youngest son (my stepson) who just turned 18 last month has been showing symptoms of being bipolar, though we have not been able to get him to a therapist to have him appropriately diagnosed. He had been in an up phase for the past couple of weeks and had accepted that was likely what was going on with him and we were hopeful that we would be able to get him to select a therapist and begin the process of getting medication to stabilize his moods and psyche. He hit a down phase this weekend and had been talking to his mom about wanting to experience death and ran away while she was napping, leaving a note that shook all of us to our core. We are considering him at this point to be a danger to himself and are involving the police in hopes that we can get him safe and get him help before something unspeakable and permanent occurs. Please keep him (Nila) and our family in your prayers while we navigate this trying time.


An employee has 2 family members that have recently been diagnosed as having COVID-19 (they have not had physical contact with them). They are considered high risk due to certain factors. Please pray for healing.


Please pray for our nation’s leaders, our government, business leaders and others that all will have good discernment in this time of COVID-19 crisis.


One of my brother’s friends tested positive (COVID-19) and now is in ICU. My brother said the last time he was around his friend was 3 weeks ago at happy hour. So far he’s good, but my brother is a smoker for many years and he’s concerned if he gets it his lungs aren’t that good. He has 4 kids (1 in middle school, 2 in elementary, and a 3 year old). I’m asking for prayer for good health for my brother and for the recovery of his friend.


A dear friend is experiencing serious health issues. Her husband may have to put her in Hospice but then won’t be able to visit her. Please pray for both of them during this difficult time.


Pray that people would be inspired to look to God for comfort and encouragement during this unique time. That they would recognize that regardless of what we go through in this fallen and flawed world that God is in control. Pray that they would use this as an opportunity to serve and love reach other in the name and for the glory of God. Thanks


Please pray for Suzanna, Sofia & Caitlin that they may know God’s love at this time. Pray that God will guide and strengthen them as a family. Pray that God will answer prayer and will bring Olly into their lifes as light to the darkness. That Olly will be understanding of the situation, especially today, Lord. That the relationship will kindle and grow and develop under God’s watchful eye. Let Olly bring confidence and renewed hope. We ask it in the Lord God’s name.


Please pray for my breast biopsy to come back normal.  I just lost a friend to breast cancer and ask for prayers for the strength to overcome the fear of the results of my own breast biopsy.


Please pray for my wife who is going to have to have a hysterectomy. She is bleeding constantly and we are trying to be patient until the surgery.