Employer-Sponsored Member or Purple Card Club Member 

As an Employer-Sponsored Purple Card Member or a member of the Purple Card Club, you have access to services and resources to help make the best out of your health care experiences. Whether you have billing concerns or need help finding a provider, we are eager to assist you!

Employer-Sponsored Member

“As an employer-sponsored member, you are automatically enrolled into The Purple Card as part of your employee benefit plan. You have been assigned to a shared Patient Advocate (PA) to act as your liaison with providers and carriers. This means, all you have to do is contact us with your benefit question!”


Purple Card Club Member

“As a direct subscribing Purple Card member, you become a member of the Purple Card Club.  Once you become a Club Member, our Patient Advocates will assist you with your benefit questions or concerns.  Our Advocates are here to educate you and help you maximize your health care benefits.”


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